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Dates to remember

Please take into consideration we do have a few trips / nice days out planned for this term but are awaiting confirmation on dates. Once we have these, they will be put on the website and a letter will be sent out to you.



03 to 05-05-17: National Tests

               Weds 3rd: Year 6 Reasoning

                                 Year 5 Reasoning


               Thurs 4th: Year 6: Maths Procedural

                                 Year 5: Maths Procedural


               Fri 5th:      Year 6: Reading

                                 Year 5: Reading


05-05-17: Class trip to Hangar 5


15-05-17: Week of cycling proficiency for Year 6 pupils


19-05-17: Class photos


22-05-17: Year 5 mindfulness workshop (pm)


26-05-17: Break up for half term! :)


05-06-17: Return to school


12-06-17: Year 6 Bro Gwaun portfolios to be returned by this date

                   Year 5 mindfulness morning with L Williams


13-06-17: Year 6 Hit the Surf at Whitesands (pm)


14-06-17: Year 5 Darwin project (out of school)


15-06-17: Year 5 Darwin project (in school)


16-06-17: Year 6 Drama workshop with POINT (in school)


21-06-17: Year 6 Science and Technology transition day at Ysgol Bro Gwaun


22-06-17: Key Stage 2 Sports Day (all day)


23-06-17: Key Stage 2 Sports Day back up date


28-06-17: Year 5 Science and Technology transition day at Ysgol Bro Gwaun


06-07-17: Trip to Caldey Island - Children to dress as pirates


07-07-17: Year 6 Pontio transition day at Ysgol Bro Gwaun


10-07-17: Trip to Heatherton


14-07-17: Cwtch night (for Key stage 2 pupils)


20-07-17: Year 6 leavers assembly.

                   Last day of the school year!