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Summer Term

Hello, and welcome to the Summer term 2017, the last term for our year 6's sadwink


Firstly, apologies for the lack of content regarding last term. It was an extremely busy term in regards to moderation, national test preparation etc and of course the many things that we get up to here at Glannau Gwaun on a daily basis. This term will be better! frown


Our topic this term is "Pirates and under the sea". We have had our brainstorming session with the pupils and as Upper Key Stage 2 staff, and we have lots of fun things planned for this term so here is your warning that we will have lots of days out over the next 11 weeks! Be prepared.


Any questions or enquiries about general day to day goings on or about anything specific e.g. trips, events etc please do not hesitate to contact me, either through a note with your child, a phone call or my class door is always open.