Ysgol Glannau Gwaun

O'n Gorau Daw Goleuni

Read Write Inc

During our Read Write Inc sessions we practise our reading skills by reading ‘Green Words’. These are words that are decodable because they only contain sounds that your child will be able to recognise. The children have met Fred the Frog during our daily sessions. Fred is a frog who cannot read words as we can but says everything in sounds, or ‘Fred Talk’.


The children know to sound out or ‘Fred Talk’ each sound whilst pointing underneath the letters, then to blend the sounds to make the word by sweeping their finger underneath the word. If your child knows them on sight they can read them without sounding out and this is an important progression in their reading.


Pupils have now learnt their Set 1 Speed Sounds and are ready to rehearse sounding out words and blending. They will shortly receive word lists that they need to practise at home by sounding out each sound first, then blending the sounds to say the word.


To make sure the sounds are being pronounced correctly, please follow this link to hear each sound being pronounced.



Thank you for your help. smiley