Ysgol Glannau Gwaun

O'n Gorau Daw Goleuni

Spring 1 - Splendid Skies

Imagine floating high above land and sea on a bed of clouds, silently sweeping by on a billowing breeze. Back down to earth, let’s take a walk outdoors. But what should we wear? Wellington boots? A sun hat? Maybe a warm coat? How do we know what the weather will be like today? Read and write poems and postcards, and, if you don’t like today’s weather report, why not write your own? Make a weather station to find out more about the weather in your area. What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers? Get your wellies on and let’s go.



This week in LRC we have been asking questions about The Weather.  The children asked some very interesting questions and then used different sources to find the answers out. 

Here is some of their work.

We have drawn our favourite weather and discussed why it is our favourite.

This week in LRC 2 we have been learning all about the wind.  Pupils have measured wind speed and found out which direction the wind was travelling in.  They have learnt all about Sir Francis Beaufort and the Beaufort Scale.


We also had great fun making our own kites and heading outside to fly them.

In Science this week, we investigated which materials are waterproof and not waterproof.  We discussed which material would be the best material to use for an umbrella.

Clouds has been the focus in LRC 2 this week.  We have learnt that there are 4 different types of clouds and what their names are.

We have been outside to see if we can spot the different types of clouds and created our own cloud paintings.

In Language we have been listening to the story The Cloudspotter.  We enjoyed making our own cloud adventures in our writing too.

In Maths we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes.  

Pupils' in class having been busy writing their own weather reports.  They then used green screen and recorded their reports just like on the T.V.