Ysgol Glannau Gwaun

O'n Gorau Daw Goleuni

Class events



As Portugal are the winners of the 2016 European Football Championships, Friday 15th July is going to be 'Portugal Day' in our class! Pupils are allowed to wear red and green to school if they wish (but this is not compulsory) and we will be learning all about Portugal - the music, the food, the language and the country. 

Euro 2016! smiley



We now know that Portugal and France will be in the final on Sunday, therefore we will either be wearing red and green to school on Friday 15th July, or red, white and blue!


Each child in class has chosen a country to support in the Euro 2016 football championships, and we have been following the results with much excitement!


To celebrate the final of this tournament on Sunday 10th July, our class will hold a day to celebrate whichever country wins, on Friday 15th July. We will wear the colours of that country's flag, taste food from that country, listen to music from that country and take part in other events throughout the day.


So on Friday 15th July we will either be wearing red, white and green, black, yellow and red or red, white and blue!


Best of luck to all four teams!