Ysgol Glannau Gwaun

O'n Gorau Daw Goleuni

Year 6 Mrs Osborne

Learning is exciting!


Year 5 have enjoyed a very busy year so far! They have studied exciting topics from Traders and Raiders, to Stargazers, Beast Creator to Mexico; Guardians of the Landscape to Tomorrow's World! They have produced amazing non-chronological reports about their invented aphid, controlling species and held cockroaches and giant stick insects in their hands.


They have written monologues and scripts and Vlogs and stories. They have explored the culture and history of colourful Mexico and cooked AND eaten fajitas. They have been responsible for selecting the ideal crew to go into space and investigated the planets! Rockets have been launched and volcanoes erupted! That’s not all! Darwin science helped us explore our pond and with their microscopes, opened up a whole new world of extraordinary looking creatures, only to be equalled by a visit to the Bug Farm! Now that was an experience they will never forget! They have stalked the corridors as Viking sailors and walked in the footsteps of  ‘Merched Beca’, who knows what excitement our final topic will hold!