Ysgol Glannau Gwaun

O'n Gorau Daw Goleuni

Year 2/3 Miss Phillips

Croeso / Welcome 


Welcome to our class page. Croeso i'n tudalen dosbarth.

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30/04/21 - Franklyn



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30/04/21 - Nellie

General Class Information



Please ensure all of your child's clothes are clearly labelled to make sure all of their items return home. 




Please provide a snack in a plastic bag/pot with your child's name on it.


P.E Sessions:


P.E. lessons are every Tuesday. The children can wear their P.E. kits to school on this day due to the current measures in place. 

Our Topics 


Whilst at Ysgol Glannau Gwaun, the children will engage with a variety of exciting and innovative topics on a half-termly basis. These topics help bring interest and engagement to the children’s learning. 


Me and Our Community 


Our first topic was named ‘Me and Our Community’. As a team, we thought it would be a lovely introduction back to their schooling. The topic supported the children with settling back into school by helping them understand the new rules and new routines of our class. It taught them about being helpful, kind and thoughtful at home and at school and encouraged them to make new friends. The topic also taught the children how they are unique and special, the importance of friendship and how people in their family, school and local community are important and can help them.


Exploring Autumn


Our second topic was named 'Exploring Autumn'. The topic gave the children the time to explore our local surrounding as our landscape changes. We thought about different habitats and the animals that live there; they also compared animals from our area to animals that can be found in Africa. We met  Handa and Akeyo (from the story 'Handa's Surprise'), hence why we chose African animals, and retold Handa's journey as part of our writing.




Once Upon a Time


Our third topic was called 'Once Upon a Time' and it was an exciting opportunity for the children to engage with a range of traditional tales. We went into the woods to meet Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood; we explored the animal tales of the Three Little Pigs and Three Billy Goats Gruff; and we met some royalty in the tale of Cinderella. Even though this topic was taught during home learning, the children did extremely well learning about these traditional tales.

Who Lives in a Rock Pool? 


Our current topic is named 'who lives in a rock pool?' During this topic, we will be answering that very question through visits to the beach and through exploration in class. We also be meeting Mr and Mrs Grinling from 'The Lighthouse Keeper's...' series of books. They will be needing help from the children, so I hope they will be up for the challenge! 

Help at Home 



Reception is a really important year to build the ‘foundations’ of the children’s literacy and being able to recognise sounds when reading is a starting point. Throughout their time at the school, the children will become used to using the rhymes and teaching techniques of the 'Read, Write, Inc.' approach. This will help the children, as it provides consistency in the teaching of phonics. As the year progresses, they will increasingly build their knowledge of more sounds and will be able to use them when reading and writing words. 


We start the year learning and/or revising individual sounds (‘m’, ‘a’, ‘s’ etc.) and will then move on to more complex sounds such (‘ay’, ‘ee’ etc.). Throughout the year, the children will become more accustomed to these sounds and will be able to increasingly recognise more of them. They will also be able to recite and use the rhymes associated with individual letters (‘m’, ‘a’, ‘s’ etc.) and more complex sounds (‘ay’, ‘ee’ etc.). The rhymes for the individual letters can help when they are forming (writing) these sounds and we encourage the children to form these letters (correctly) as many times over as possible; this is something that the children can also work on at home. Therefore, I have listed the rhymes below as a reference point, in the order they will be taught, so the children, both at home and at school, can have a consistent message. If you have any questions on any of the above, please do not hesitate to ask.



Down Maisie then over the two mountains. Maisie, mountain,



Round the apple, down the leaf.

sSlither down the snake.
tDown the tower, across the tower.
dRound his bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet.
iDown the body, dot for the head.
nDown Nobby and over the net.
pDown the plait and over the pirate's face. 
gRound her face, down her hair and give her a curl.
oAll around the orange.
cCurl around the caterpillar.

Down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg.

uDown and under, up to the top and draw the puddle. 
bDown the laces to his heel, round the toe. 
fDown the stem and draw the leaves. 
eLift off the top and scoop out the egg. 
lDown the long leg.
hDown the head to the hooves and over his back.
rDown his back, then curl over his arm. 
jDown his body curl and dot.
vDown the wing, up the wing.
yDown a horn, up a horn and under his head.
wDown, up, down, up.
xDown the arm and leg and repeat the other side.
qRound her head, up past her weavings and down her head. 




0Make a loop, just like so. Now you've made a 0.
1Straight line down and then you're done! 1 is so fun.
2Half a heart will never do, slide to the right, make a 2.
3Around the tree, around the tree. That's the way to make 3.
4Down and across, down some more. That's the way to make a 4. 
5Make a hat, make his back. Make five's tummy round and fat. 
6Make a 'C' then in you go. Now you've made a 6, you know. 
7Across the top and drop down low, you've made a seven. There we go.  
8Make an 's' then shut the gate. That's the way to make an 8. 
9Number 9 - circle and line. That' the way to make a 9!


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